My Battle with My Daughter’s Eczema

Eczema is no easy battle to tackle. Countless hours of research, doctor visits, and sleepless nights because I feel so sad and worried about my daughter’s scratching and uneasiness. Presently, my daughter and I have been battling this for more that 4 years. She is now 6 years old and still having some minor flare ups here and there.

The worst part is when she gets flare ups that are so raw and if I make a mistake in putting lotion, she would cry. I decided to make a daily food journal to see what gives her the flare ups. Unfortunately, I found out that her eating sweets and drinking cow’s milk would give her the flare ups which make me even sadder because she cannot enjoy sweets, especially chocolates. Which is almost every child’s happiness.

The food journal helped me a lot in identifying triggers. I keep this handy all the time and when we are out, either I have it in her bag or i note it down on my phone and transfer it to the journal. It is important to identify what triggers the eczema and in that way, the flare ups would be under control.

This is my first blog and I will like all of you to know my journey in trying to battle this skin decease and make my daughter’s life as normal as possible. Furthermore, these tips may also help you as you journey through your battle with eczema. You are not alone…


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